Thursday, April 17, 2008


Are there any malicious things besides making those who we love get sad and crumbled?

I feel merry this morning, I feel sorrow this afternoon.

I'm stuck. I fall to pieces.

I'm sorry... with all my ripping remaining senses. If words could kill, then I'd be dying by now, covered in fishy-smelled blood all over, inviting ants and flies to have some bloody hell party to welcoming my doom.

Though I remain silence here. Truth can always see aperture within thick walls, can always smell scent within scentless phases. All I need is to wait for a hero inside me to rise up the sleeping pride and hidden bravery of mine to stand, to fight and to win this battle; me versus me.

Deeply sorry dear[s], deeply sorry. I got crushed down now, I really don't know what to say or to do. Million times I've been kissed by realities like this, billion times I've been trapped with rough truths and feathery lies dancing nakedly around me with sneering lips while they're waiting for me to swing my bare hand and catch one of them with my eyes closed.

--> Besarnya kekuatan PMS nih, pengen nangis melulu bawaannya sekarang. Padahal ngga sampe 12 jam yang lalu pengen melompat kegirangan melulu tiap menjejakkan langkah. Hhh...


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