Monday, April 07, 2008

Death inferno.

It’s infernal

With flashy maroons light

You have opened the door

The fire has finally lit

Producing acid smokes

Leaving sultry ashes

And my heart is hanging upon

Longing to be saved

By the end of the crescent

A gentle heart with firm hands

I look after

I crave upon

A mourning prayer was spoken

I wish to be released

In the dead hours

Where all eyes are numb

All ears are senseless

Where owls and crickets are alive

They sing and chat

They jump and dance

They kiss under the mistletoes

They make noise and cover others

And me as the escapee

Run as I might, follow my only light

As I know to be “death”

It’s inflammable

I can hear his voice

Like a sirens from heaven

Secretly spreading whispers

Heaven as it is

I never feel as much alive like this

If death is happiness

And happiness is infinitive

So be it.


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