Tuesday, January 08, 2008


My deathless sorrow gives me life
Yet inside I am empty and blind
But winter came like silent whispers
And gave me soul that is unbroken
Winter brought its majestic queen
Forever I am bounded to her love
I chained my will to her desires
Like a frail heart in heaven's arms
Like a dying wish in an angel's breath
Tonight she arrives in my dreams
With her pale face and embracing arms
Bringing dark kisses and death lullabies
Bringing hope and immortality
This void I am shackled to
Is inevitable and eternal
But her shadows clouded my soul
And saved me from my sorrow
And freed me from my curse
This cruel world is filled with such lies
Discontenting and dishonest and much despised
I fail to cease the monolith of sufferings
And in the end I lie in its confusion
But her divine silhouette kept me safe
From the vileness of this tyrannous place
Because home is nowhere to be found
And my sanctuary lies in her
And in her I find a goddess's comfort

Created by: Mercurya Gemini
Photo: Iwed

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