Thursday, January 17, 2008

Flickering Star

The sky goes black every time I close my eyes
Such a defective silent attacks me in disguise
Cold winter cloud touches my skin
It washes away all my embracing sins
One yellowish little star is blinking
He smiles, he waves and now he's calling
I wanna reach him with these decaying hands
Down here on earth and ask him to dance
And he will spark and I will glow
Keep the trace of passion that grow
A passion that once ever be a brokenhearted
That met her end before it even get started
My life has been a misery for too long
Warm smile of mine long has been gone
Empty is my soul, death is my dream
Hope to disappear along this cracking wind
And he is the falling star, my lucky charm
Hopping once or twice in the grip of my arm
He's the light through the dark
Spreads his wings and flies like a white lark
He came to me with divining motions
He entered me who welcomed him with no resistance
I'm longing for him, reaching my hands in the air
Mourning his lights to fill me in despair
My love, my flickering little star
Stay with me, never get too far


Dedicated for: Arya Widya Asmara

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