Thursday, January 17, 2008


She's no longer can differentiate
The darkest truth from the whitest lies
From an oath she's been taken
That will bound her until she dies
She made an unforgiven mistake
Neither she noticed nor she realized

And now she's crawling under your mercy
Her creaky breath is chanting like the sound of death
Creating a dreadful yet astounding misery
That will linger forever in her memory
She is crying with blood streaming
Asking you hopelessly to revoke your curse over her

And she's the angel broke her wings
She's the Goddess lost her mightiness
She's the fairy missed her magic wand
She's the human disappeared her soul
A dark bride with a broken vow
A night queen wearing a crashed crown

She wanders with your eyes, your heart and your mind
She's alive, though so empty inside
You strive her in solely darkness
Until she goes blind and none of her senses left
When the time comes in the coldness of the night
Her remaining shadows will beg your kindness to end her life

Will you let her been chased with her own death?
Playing around in the never ending labyrinth?
Like a little girl playing cheerfully under the rain
The meets her doom in the hand of furious thunderstorm
Her disaffected love be your long-lasted trauma
Ever since, your spell makes her the Lady of Anathema


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