Friday, March 16, 2012

Bright and Polka-dot-ish

Another pashmina sent from Zirraa Moeslimah Olshop. I got three different pashminas, but this one catches my eyes the most. Bright and polka-dot. I never - in my entire life - wore any polka-dot pashmina [I wore polka-dot top once long time ago, lol].

A bit scared it won't suit on me when I first tried it. Surprisingly, it turned out great. I guess bright colors suit on me... I guess... Or not?... Hehehe *confused*

Just for an IDR 10K, I could turn this belt into a headband :P

This is so colorful. And so polka-dot-ish!

Anyway, I made a tutorial with this hijab. Have a look & hope you like it ;)


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