Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Eid Mubarak!

Happy Idul Fitri sinners!

Wow! Haven't been fasting again for 2 years because I was pregnant 2 years ago & the a year after I was still exclusively breastfeeding Little Rayyan makes this month's Ramadhan is a bit of a burden to bear. But Alhamdulillah, by Allah's will I could pass it :)

What was interesting is that my husband decided not to do fasting this year although he still joined me in the saur time. He follows the 3-mile safar Sunnah from Rasulullah. He paid the Fidyah and will pay the debts on weekend when he won't go anywhere far from home. Frankly speaking I still can't fully believe the 3-mile safar. There are still lots of discussion about it. I know it's Rasulullah SAW's sunnah and we - as his followers - should do what he once did. I just want to really figure out is the 3-mile safar really CANNOT be adjusted for human with their recent way of living; the technology. But even we know that Rasulullah SAW already knew about the globalization era that will appear after his time. I guess I have to dig deeper about the law from the trusted sources. InshaAllah (pray for me) I will follow my husband in the next Ramadhan, by Allah's will :)

Meanwhile, below are sum pics I took when celebrating the Raya. Enjoy, peeps!

Taqqoballahu minna wa minkum ^^


breaking fasting with family at Bebek Kaleyo, Rawamangun

First day of Raya. Having dinner with family at Gading Food City

Second day of Raya. Going to my aunty's house at Bekasi

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