Thursday, November 20, 2008



I closed my eyes and I called Your name. You came in a second, then we talked. I said I need You, and I thought You have left me. You said I'm stupid and asked me whether You've had abandoned me. I said I miss You and I miss mom, You answered You miss me too and my mom misses me even more. I said I'm getting older, You said I'm getting wiser. I said no, You said believe me. I mourned to think that I'm one year closer to meet You. You asked me if I indeed not desiring to meet you. That's not what I meant, I answered. I'm afraid I'm not ready yet, You said no one is ready to meet You, and You convinced me that You're not that frightening. I laughed, You smiled. I said You must be undoubtedly beautiful, You answered You would prefer to be said forever indescribable.

I said thank you for willing to talk with me, You said I'm one of Your creations, You should and shall always stick your eyes on me. I sobbed, You said don't cry. I smiled, You said "Happy birthday, go blow your 24 liquid candles. No need to do the make-a-wish ritual, I already knew yours. Cheers, human"

November 15

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