Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hey You!

Hey You!

How could you let it conquer you as easy as an eye-blinked?
For I see your heart is trapped in one diverting moment.
How could you let your logical sense sink?
For I know it's the only thing that can survive you from a man.
How could the shadow be your home now?
For I know you'll be able to stand by your own feet, somehow.
How could all your sagacious words spoken are no longer important?
For I know that you would fight for what you think it was right.
How could you be the "not-understandable"?
You set all free, left all things unspeakable.
How could your expectation switched?
Wake up now... You are no bitch!
How could you pretend that everything is running like the way it is?
For I know it all has been changed unlike the way it should be.
How could you fall for this fuckin shit?
While you know that he's already married!

Hey You!

How could you?


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Simulacra said...


Apa kabar?

Goddess said...

Hello... Dharma :)

Kabar baik.. Lama yah ngga main2 kesini lagi.