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Ambeon - fate of A Dreamer

When Astrid had agreed to work along with Arjen's new 'ambeon' project, he send her all kinds of current work in progress mixes. Each time he finished something he sent them over to Astrid. Originally it was meant that Astrid wrote some lyrics and singingpaterns on those 'old' Ayreon songs which Arjen completely revamped. In the end most songs are completely unrecogizable. These songs would originally form the new album along with some guest performers. But when Arjen heared Astrid's voice he promptly got the idea that she would simply sing along with some numbers which wouldn't been written by Astrid. But as the work progressed very smoothly it changed and Astrid did all the lyrics and melodies herself. After all it all was quite a challenge but Astrid is proud of herself and satisfied with the endresult.
Astrid van der Veen:Vocals and backing vocals
Arjen Lucassen:Acoustic and electric guitars, analog keyboards, samples and weird noises
Stephen Aestregt:Acoustics and electronic drums and percussion
Walter Latupeirissa:Bass- and fretless bass guitar
John McManus:Low Flute and Uillean Pipes on 1,3 and 7
Pat McManus:Fiddle on 3 and 7
Erik Norlander:Additional synths on 8 and 9, voice of news reporter on 9
Lana Lane:Reversed backing vocals on 3 and 9
Recorded, Produced and mixed at the 'Electric Castle', by Arjen. Music written by Arjen. Lyrics and story written by Astrid. Originally released in 2001 by Transmission Records (TM-030)

Cold Metal
Sick Ceremony
A Lost Message
Sweet Little Brother
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About Ambeon: [taken from]

Ambeon is mysterious and ambient side project of Arjen Anthony Lucassen featuring Astrid van der Veen, a young and very talented female vocalist.

In 2001 the album Fate of a Dreamer was released, when Astrid was only 14 years old. The single 'Cold Metal' was released with a few bonus tracks, and the song was also featured on a Dutch compilation sampler for Gothic music called 'Into Temptation'. The album Fate of a Dreamer is currently out of print.

Although Arjen and Astrid are still in contact with each other, there are no plans yet to make a follow up to their debut album.

Astrid is currently in theEndorphins. For more information on this band and on Astrid, please check their site.

Astrid released a solo album called "Seemless Borderline" in 2005. You can order this album, as well as pre-order a re-issue of Astrid's first solo album "Beautiful Red" at theEndorphins website, then go to the Merch section for information on how to order.


About The Album:

Amazing....!!! I fell in love in the first hearing!! This album succeeded in taking my breath away. So dark, so creative and so unique. Particularly I love the "Cold Metal" song [Me & Rinsdark could sing that song again and again and again and again...] and we've made decision that one day our band [GELAP] must bring this song on stage. Astrid brings out her best vocal. She has a unique - kinda flighty - voice that i'm quite sure no one can ever copy it. I also love the "Surreal" and "Ashes" songs [Ashes, the song-title with my band, yay! hahaha...]. Those two songs are also amazing and have a great power of dark-weirdo atmosphere.

Really, u should hear this album, especially for those who like to catch the atmosphere of one's song. u can download their songs HERE.

...Be breathless...


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