Monday, September 04, 2006

Deja Vu

Sunday Evening, 3.14 pm

Sitting in my bed...
The bed i used to sleep in 8 months ago
Feels like i'm having a Deja Vu...
The tape of my life is rewinding once more
Birds singing...Wind blowing...Trees dancing...
Hot summer-sun greets me through my dorm window
She smiles, showing her super-flashy light
Welcoming me back...

A year more of struggling
A year more of sucking my parents' money
A year more of going to college

3.16 pm

it's quiet...Peacefully quiet
i take a far-away look to the bluish sky
i used to stare at the cloud's shapes
But now, there's no - even a single - cloud up there
it's a fair sky...Peacefully fair sky

3.17 pm

Here comes Adzan...
Two hours since my mom left from my dorm
it's a strange feeling...i miss her already
My eyes are now getting burned
Silly me! Why do i have to cry?
Being stucked in my home just for 3 months and now suddenly i'm becoming a homy?
Hmph...This sucks! Breath, Wed...Breath
it's time to get out once more from ur cage and go back to your nature

3.20 pm

Feels like it's going to be a tough life this year
Call your God's name & your parents' name, Wed...
Stand up...
it's Ashar...

- Goddess -

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