Monday, September 04, 2006

Back to campus...

Routine...welcome board
Knock knock brain, wake up baby
Time to work again...harder
Make my grade better

Well hello folks,
Some look fatter, other look slimmer...
Some even getting hotter (dude!!)
The hell...still missing them after all

Aloha classes,
You're the only thing that looks stagnant
No progress...did the air conditioner has been replaced?
Oh, come on!
I paid too much that actually each class could have a flat screen!

Aawwkkh...not those lecturers again!
They even couldn’t see that I have an IQ of 117!
" "B" again?"
"Yeah, mam...the test wasn't for my level"
Uhm..what was that? A quantitative stat?
Yeah rite, kill me...
Did the IQ test give the wrong result for me?

Oh, look! What happen to my campus?
Is it becoming smaller or the principle thought we have too many space for playing card?
They built more constructions, fostered our loatheness
How about shrinking the priciple's tire again? That would be nice

Nu term, nu spirit
Nu joy
Nu boy (?)


- Goddess -

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