Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dancing on Mud

Already dressed..couldn’t be more glamorous

Already made up.. couldn’t be more pretty

Already done the hair.. couldn’t be more shining

All eyes stared at her

This physical beauty was preparing herself

Ready to cheer audience up

On the mud stage

Watched by hypocrites & fakers

Oh she’s the Queen

Dancing, singing, smiling…

Hide behind the mask of lie..

Which-somehow-looked so beautiful

Oh give her some money, compliments or anything

Then she’ll still be your Queen

Dancing on mud..

Full of hipocrites & fakers

Just the same as her..

Let’s go…follow what she did

So we can also be Queens..or Kings

To survive in this hipocritical world

Even angels turned dark

And devils got shinner

Don’t cry..Don’t feel the misery

There’re no such things like it

This is a mud stage, just dance…

Follow her, Queen of lie…

You’ll never suffer

You’ll never die..

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