Thursday, February 20, 2014

[Introductory] New Blog!!

Yeah baby... New blog!

I feel like this blog in where I usually put my writings on has been "contaminated" by other irrelevant things such as fashion and make up. I knew already that I supposed to make another blog to put any post about this hidden passion of mine long time ago, yet I didn't do it. And when I wanted to export my make up and fashion-related posts to the new blog, I failed (meh!). In short, I made another blog regarding make up and fashion, just in my point of view. Please don't see me as some beauty blogger or hijabista. I'm far from that. Yet, I can't deny that I'm a normal woman who likes to gain knowledge and information about make up & fashion, to then share them back to others. You know... girls. Talk and share, share and gossip, gossip and twist, twist and shout, shout and spread. No listening and keeping, LOL.

No, that's so not me. Guaranteed! :)))

Back to topic, you can now see me talking about girl things just by one simple click:

Feel free to read, leave a comment or even follow the blog if you don't mind. If you have question(s) or simply wanna share the new make up babe or ask me to review any make up, send me email to Insyaa Allah I'll be glad to respond them :)

Gotta go now. Bye.

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