Monday, October 28, 2013

[Event] Jakarta Fashion Week 2014!

Salam 'alaikum all,

Selamat hari Sumpah Pemudaa! ^^

Hopefully we still inherit the tremendous spirit our young heroes once ever had back then. That spirit can be looked on the creativity the youth nowadays has shown.

Speaking of creativity, I'll try to post some of pictures I took when attending #JFW2014 (Jakarta Fashion Week 2014) in the fashion tent, Senayan City in two days; Oct 19th and Oct 25th. On Oct 19th I felt honored to be invited in the fashion show of three amazing muslimah designers; Nur Zahra, Jenahara & Dian Pelangi. On Oct 25th I was invited to the fashion show of Hauri Collezione, Nabilla Ayumi & Fitri Aulia. I got lots of inspiration from their designs. So refreshing to take shots of those chic, stylish & unique design of them.

Below are the pics. All pics are my artwork. DO NOT COPY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Thank you ^^



Nur Zahra


Dian Pelangi

Hauri Collezione

Nabilla Ayumi

Fitri Aulia







I miss her so much ^^

Been a while

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