Monday, April 08, 2013

[Review] Samson Meteor Condenser Mic with USB Plug.

Salam 'alaikum!

This is one quite different review that I make. I won't be reviewing make up / cosmetics / movies / music album... But I will review this amazing stuff which I bought 2 months ago. It's a Samson Meteor Condenser Mic with USB Plug! This babe costs for IDR 540.000. Actually in market you won't be able to buy this mic with the mentioned price. In store, this mic is sold for IDR 660.000. Yeaps, I know someone who can give me this stuff with rather cheaper price of course, LOL.

I was caught up by the unique shape of it. Looks more of an iron jellyfish, LOL. But this thing is amazing! It has 25mm diaphragm condenser for rich audio recording & cardioid pickup pattern. For the audio, it is set on smooth, flat frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz with 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution for CD quality. And back to the shape, the fold-back leg design provides optimal mic positioning.

I have been doing cover songs / voice notes for my band's / duo's new songs with this mic. It helps a lot! Just put your mouth more or less 6 inches from the mic and you'll have the clear voice output and intonations. I don't even have to do much editing, mastering & mixing with this. But please note that this is best use for recording acoustic instruments (guitar, flute, bass, cajon, etc) and vocal (podcast, home recording, video broadcasting etc). But I don't suggest you to use this mic for making pro album because I don't think this mic has all the needed requirements of a pro microphone. It is more of an acoustic / home recording babe.

The only weakness I found on this mic is the "bh" and the "ph" sound you'll get when your mouth is too close to the mic. You'll need a pop-filter to get rid of that noise.

Aside from that, I proudly announce that I am fully satisfied with this mic for a price that doesn't hold a breath. For you who are searching for an affordable yet best-quality in its class, you can rely on this USB-plug mic ^^


The box

Me with Samson Meteor Mic when recording

One of the cover songs I made in Soundcloud using Samson Meteor Mic

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Iwed Goddess said...

@Tom: You're welcome. So far till now it never failed me. You should buy one for yourself :)