Tuesday, July 12, 2011


You live happy on your sick rebuttal, collapsing evidences that threatened your critical existence.

Time of prevention is here, you deny to be pounded once again as nothing has left in you but a grimace upon your face for seeing the invisible dagger stabbing right through your chest and letting it ripping you to pieces. You have given pain a pleasure of your company for letting it stay.

How sad is it, when misery takes control of your trite life, leaving you powerless to even say 'no!'? You feel you have had an achievement to build your bunker to shield your compound from angry twister, but you never really realized that you actually have sent it to the edge before it bursts and shatters right inside your heart.

You never really own a life cause you never know how to keep your belonging. And when the time screams right before your eyes, as they're finally open... Everything has come to its closure.

Thus, the penetrating of the actual equanimity will be mine. All mine.



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