Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Jilbab is NOT an oppression!

(The picture is taken from this site)

France is not as romantic as what people think it is. Zionist sets it. France is cruel & fascist. It's definitely not a fave country for me. Na'ah! Just a single tower & it becomes the most romantic country in the world? Well then my country can do that. We have MONAS aren't we? How romantic! Haha! (And it's a sarcastic laughter, lads!).

Wondering why am I being sarcastic to that country? Read this journal and you'll find out why.

"Some feminists argue for a ban because they say covering up is a sign of women’s oppression."

Oh, so now veil is an oppression, huh? What a doofus. Now I'm wondering how their parents raise those feminists and how society treat them as if they feel like they NEED to be a feminist in order to gain some society recognition and gender equality to cover up their lack of common senses inside their peanut-sized brains!

And they claim to be a non-religious, secular society while they openly banning women with veiled hijab? I don't know what the heck they're afraid of of a veil, cause it's not like those women hide a bomb inside it. What are you, 10?!


PS: I'm recalling the time when lots of my friends (mostly girls) made some 'nickname' for me. Some are "jilbab kamuflase", "jilbab nista", "jilbab palsu" and others. They said my attitudes are as wrecked as theirs and how unsuitable and inappropriate I am with my veil. I'm proudly say that Allah SWT are the ONE (and this is literally the only one) who know how wrecked I could be as a human. But then I shall came with this one simple question for you, ladies... Instead of questioning my JILBAB-ing, why don't you start with questioning your NOT-JILBAB-ing first? Go answer :)

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