Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gelap on Hai Magazine!

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“Emang bener, metal deket dengan setan. Ya begitulah! Itu sebabnya kita harus bikin yang exceptional, yang beda.” [Ombat – Tengkorak]

“Bagi gue, bukan jadi hal yang baku kalau metal harus mengarah ke arah yang negative. Kalau mereka bilang gitu, gue juga punya hak kalau metal juga bisa positif.” [Die – Purgatory]

“Kami ngga pernah merencanakan bakal begini. Intinya sih kami ngambil referensi ke agama karena kami nguasain materinya. Beda kalau ngomongin setan-setanan, hal kaya gitu gue ngga ngerti.” [Amor – Purgatory]

“Dunia ini sekarang udah kacau banget. Dengan segala keburukan yang terjadi, yang bisa menolong kita cuma iman dan agama.” [Rins – Gelap]


Those are the previews of one of the newest Hai Magazine’s articles that have been released on Sept 8. Regarding to the fasting month that we’re running now, Hai Magazine gives the readers a Ramadhan-theme for its recent edition. There are several Ramadhan-theme articles like “Berdakwah Lewat Lagu”, “Nongkrong Selama Ramadhan”, “Peraturan Khas Ramadhan” and the last is “Metal Religi”.

The latter article is quite special for me, because my band – Gelap – has been chosen as one of three underground bands that are considered as religious bands, along with Purgatory [new metal] and Tengkorak [grindcore]. Frankly, it’s a big honor for me and Gelap especially, to be put side-by-side with two most well-known religious underground bands like Purgatory and Tengkorak [regarding that we’re still new in the underground scene and they are like the “Gods” in each of their own scene].

The article itself tells about looking metal music in different perception, the Brightside. That actually not all metal bands are related to demonic, hedonic or atheistic. There is always light within the darkness, even if it is just a tiny light. What matters is whether you could see the tiny light when your eyes are already stucked in the darkness’ comfort zone. More or less that’s the article written on it.

Be pleased to read the article if it meets your interest [which also means you might buy the mag. Aha! Hai Mag should pay me for marketing their stuff, hahaha!]

Enjoy reading and enlightening your mind with METALLY religious bunch of musicians’ opinions.



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