Thursday, April 19, 2007


I present this to you costless

You can see it all over on this reckless desire

Like an open gate at the dark mansion without guardians

I’ve wrapped my heart with steeliest wall

Locked it up with a spell that only you can tell

I’m this nude… I’m this weak

Standing within you

What’s on the world has given you that light?

When it’s all I wander in my dark paths

That “lost” is the only word best describe the end of my journey

I’ve been an escapee

Built my own world when I no longer found conformity on the other one

And you’re my escapism…

You’re my exuberant…

You’re my narcotics…

As I always harassedly need you in a lethal dosage

Diffusing harshly and haunting my fragile heart like a ghost

I’m whipped… by my climax… my orgasm…

By Y.O.U

- g -

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