Wednesday, March 15, 2006


My 1st time fill this 1st visit to blogspot.Hmm..what can i say, just wanna say Hi for all bloggers. i'm still learning to get advanced of these stuffs. i'm not really a net'aholic atau penggila blog..but i find it pretty fun to write and express about my daily activities, to throw my anger and emotions,all of that kind.

Talkin bout me..hmm, i'd probably have to tell about myself a bit. where to start, let's see. Oke, my real name is Dewi..for God sake i really like my name (even though there're millions of indonesian girls also got this name =( ), but one day there was a man (who lately recognized that he had a crush on me) called me iwed (bad name,huh?)..but later suddenly all my friends call me iwed (till now, for God sake!!), here i go. i introducing my name as IWED by then

i'm a college student at University of Indonesia, Public Relations in Extension program. about going to college, ugh..i desperately BORED!! but,yeah..i have to do it..(!!i follow ur wish..)

i like GOTHIC (for me "dark" is hot..), i follow Serie A Sport (AC MILAN, u're the best!!) and i like hiking, never end the days w/o singing & play the music till dawn..

Well..i have to go (Damn it, why time is running that fast?), gotta go..


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