Tuesday, October 13, 2015

[Poem] Psychosis.

I began to talk to the empty space
Tried to listen to what it might answer
I gripped the last drip of skulking noise
Awaken on the edge, dried and sober

Sipping toxic creating onerous daze
I let myself be beaten once again
Penetrating hazardous thick haze
Prickled false peace to obscure infinite pain

Don't just enter and sway my sobriety
Have you not seen me lately?
The hole could have been mended
But never to the scar, it lingered
Like tattoos been injected to skin
I got a mark inside it stays within

This is the kind of game I loathe
Have lost so many times, I play like an amateur
Ended up throwing endless deadly oaths
Crept away from the time I failed to endure

This cryptic frenzy I've been trying to ignore
Breaking through the last fortress of my unnecessary denials
Overwhelming fear of longing your existence that I adore
Knowing it's only me who's ready for my own deserted burial

Mind me not, let me enjoy this to soon be perished.


- Iwed -

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angkisland said...

uhhh dalem tertusuk qalbu....