Thursday, June 25, 2015

[Poem] Lost.

Miles and miles have I been walking ahead
One vividly blurry destination on my sight
Waiting my reach on one steady grip
I shall conquer before it's all dripped

Flashing upon me, dazzling as ever
To where one life has surrender
I shock myself to digest one fact
I'm going nowhere near the place I was at

I'm standing on the ashen road, full of black rotten silver studs
They make horrible sound like they're ready to eat me out
Neither I nor they are brave enough to do the first move
I wish I could just float over them to make it all run smooth

But it never is, isn't it? Never was, and never will
What lies upon me is as obscure as that clouds up the hill
And as blurry as my haunted dreams for the past week
Covered in black smokes that clarify its pale image, it goes bleak

Been trying to embroider this thing that keeps me on the track
It's so fragile I could not touch it without making it cracked
Should be glued under my deepest skin till it grows black
As blinding as the road I'm stepping in
As frightening as the thing I'm persistently denying

I am here, I am there
I am everywhere it leads me to nowhere

Stale air fills my lungs, lingers inevitably as crusts
When I finally concede in swallowed pain... That I have lost

June 25th 2015


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